Trade & Investment


As a member of the EU, the UK's trade and investment relations with non-EU countries is managed by the European Commission. Trade policy is an exclusive competence of the EU, meaning only the EU, and not individual Member States, can legislate on trade matters and conclude international trade agreements.

The scope of EU's exclusive competences covers not just trade in goods, but also:

  • services
  • commercial aspects of intellectual property
  • foreign direct investment
The EU also has exclusive competences in some other areas which may also be relevant for trade policy, such as transport, capital movements, etc.

With the UK now in the process of negotiating its exit from the EU and trade policy high on the political agenda, this section of the website will provide updates on the trade and investment aspects of the EU and the UK's future domestic policy. 

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Following the closure of the European Partnership at the end of March 2019, this website is no longer active and will not be updated. However, it will be kept live for a period of time as an archive resource.