Interreg Campaign post-2020 - New Supporters Welcome

Our statement outlining 10 reasons why the UK should continue to participate in European Territorial Cooperation programmes after 2020 remains open to new supporters.

On 26 February, the East of England European Partnership sent a letter to government accompanied by a Statement on future UK participation in European Territorial Cooperation Programmes. This statement which outlines 10 reasons why the UK should participate in future European Territorial Cooperation programmes was developed in close cooperation with the Cornwall Brussels Office and was supported and signed by over 50 organisations from both the UK and the rest of the EU.

Although the statement has now been sent to government, it remains open for organisations to support. We will keep government periodically informed of new signatories as part of our continued efforts to seek UK participation in ETC programmes in the future.

If your organisation would like to support our statement then please do not hesitate to get in touch. All you need to do is send us your logo and we will add it to the list of signatories. The version on our website will be updated immediately.

For more information contact Jenny Carson.

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Following the closure of the European Partnership at the end of March 2019, this website is no longer active and will not be updated. However, it will be kept live for a period of time as an archive resource.